In our life, we meet new people every day and form new relationships. But we end up feeling lonely in spite of all the relationships we have. Until now I have mainly dealt with themes related to human relationships such as communication, misunderstanding, hurt and tension. The focus of my work has been to help people to recognize themselves living in a non-communicative society. Now, my work has begun to deal with the overall theme of human relationships, and more specifically the theme of people’s lonely and solitary life.

Sherry Turkle has questioned that we are connected, but alone. There are so many people who lead egotistical lives, hiding their inner sincere hearts from each other, not trying to share with others, and maintaining only superficial relations. I think that it is due to people’s defense mechanisms. As she said that we’re lonely, but we’re afraid of intimacy, people are imprisoned in their own lonely worlds by themselves and live on with misunderstandings, even though they are feeling lonely, and also even though they don’t recognize their loneliness.

Through my interactive artworks, I induce viewers to participate my work directly. It means the communication with the viewers and work, and also, the world and me. Eventually, we have a chance to understand the relationship that we engage and think about the desirable solution, especially for the persons who are feeling some problems.

Because we are individual beings that cannot understand each other perfectly, we should seek a new way to communicate with others, and thereby find a solution for forming meaningful relationships. I will continue to pose through my works the question: “how are we to maintain more meaningful relationships?”