Art, Tech and Interaction

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During my time, I have worked with the concept of the human relationship and the communication. However, I realized that the subject that I really want to deal with is about not only the human relationship, but also all kinds of the relation between us. Relationship between you and I, world and I, object and I, or just relationship between object and object. It is my goal to find the communication in(/between) that relations conceptually, visually or emotionally. I think that the interactive artworks will be one of the ways to show the comunication between them.


  • The practice to measure the distance between 2 objects (dist/pythagoras theorem)
  • If the distance is close, draw the circles in their own places.

Pablo Valbuena

time tilings [stuk]

kinematope [gare d’austerlitz]

Pablo Valbuena develops art projects and research focused on space, time and perception. Born in Spain and currently based in the south of France.

Some key elements of this exploration are the overlap of the physical and the virtual, the generation of mental spaces by the observer, the dissolution of the boundaries between real and perceived, the links between space and time, the primacy of subjective experience as a tool to communicate and the use of light as prime matter.

These ideas are mostly developed site-specific, formulated as a direct response to the perceptual qualities, physical conditions and surrounding influences of a certain location or space.

This body of work has been presented in public and private institutions, biennials and galleries in the form of exhibitions, site-specific commissions and large-scale public interventions throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Apostasis, 2008 / Access, 2003


Apostasis,Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Mexico City, México, 2008

Technique: Robotic 5kW xenon searchlights, infrared illuminators, computerized surveillance tracking system, water hazers, monitor


Access, Marie Sester, Ars Electronica, 2003

ACCESS is an interactive art installation that lets web users track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and an acoustic beam system. The work is about our obsession with surveillance, control, visibility, and celebrity.